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Plastic straw is used for few minutes but it can take up t 200 years to decompose

Did you know that most of plastic straws are not recyclable?

Plastic straws are made from Polypropylene, which is commonly recyclable, just often no in drinking straw format.

Most of the straws end up in landfill

Plastic straws are one of top five polluters to our Oceans.

Why bamboo straws?

Bamboo is eco friendly material. It is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth

Bamboo is very strong plant. It has a wide spectrum of usage even for construction of houses. With the right care it wll last for years.

Bamboo is degradable. It doesn´t leave any footprint.

Bamboo doesn´t absorb neither smell or taste. It is possible to reuse the straws.

Why bamboo straws from Bali?

Hand made in Bali by people paid fairly for their work

Only natural packages

Straws are made by one family who also plant new bamboo

Our pouches

Bio cotton

Naturally dyed with indigo, sappan wood or ketapang

Fabric was handmade on the loom

Weavers are part of the social program of Indonesian NGO Bali WISE

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